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 The story of Bob, Jacqui & Rosie

Most dream of having a family, a great home and a loving warm companion to spend your life with. This family is a perfect example of how given enough time and patience your dreams can come true. A story about their love for each other and the environment they have created for themselves. Many hours of careful consideration were spent ensuring that they would end up with a home that was a true reflection of what they valued both aesthetically and environmentally.

A space to watch young Rosie grow, to gather friends and relatives, to sit quietly together mapping out what the rest of their future holds. Full of life, love & light. Thankyou for allowing us to spend a few hours in your world documenting your life. This is a time Rosie will look back on and will see just how much you adore her and how grateful you are for what you have. The home you love, the things you love, doing what you love and most importantly with those you love. Lucky indeed, well deserved for such a warm, intelligent and honest family. We know you will all enjoy your lifestyle portraits now and always and how lovely to know be able to put up your first family portrait on your beautiful new walls 🙂


Lifestyle portrait photography for a creative community.

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  • Hugo y Alida says:

    Jaqui y Bob , los felicitamos ,primero por tu hermosa hija y por tu linda casa, se muestra muy comoda , la niña se ve muy sana y feliz . MUCHAS BENDICIONES. Con mucho cariño, reciban nuestras sinceros saludos. BESITOS PARA LOS TRES. HUGO Y ALIDA

  • Anna Timbrell says:

    So lovely. So creative. How photography should be.

  • Coralie says:

    Dear Bob, Jacqui and Rosie,
    How delightful to see so much love, laughter, light and happiness in your new home!
    A lifetime to enjoy together in such a beautiful place.
    So happy for you all!
    Love Coralie

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