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Photographic Art by Mister+Lady | Natura Obscuram

Photographic Art | Transmitting serenity in this external chaos.

Together we have recently worked on a series of photographic artworks focusing on both man made and natural elements in a graphic representation. For a couple of years now we have been exploring the age old tradition of mandalas with a twist. Originally we created many artworks from natural elements and discovered the random nature of these made very interesting and intricate patterns.

The challenge however was to then look at a very structured man made world and try to create something equally as interesting and appealing to the aesthetic. Creating a mandala in this way often involves manipulating a very straight object through bending and adjusting the sizes of each part. Not all objects can be successfully photographed to create these mandalas but we encourage you to test us and commission one for yourself. Currently we are working on three commissioned pieces. One is for flames to complete a set depicting air, water, earth & fire. A little girl is now delighted as an elephant mandala hangs in her room whose parents also happen to just adore them.  A local coffee shop wants coffee beans to become beautiful artworks so we are also working on that! Our range includes stunningly printed art on marvellous archival, museum grade papers using pigment ink, ensuring they will outlast you. Available by request is this range and also beautiful bespoke cards.

Mister+Lady | Your Photographic Fine Art for a Creative Community.


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