Flagstaff Gardens Wedding – Bambie + Ian

Flagstaff Gardens Wedding

Bambie + Ian’s Love Story

Quantum Entanglement

Once upon a time a beautiful and intelligent young woman met a very focused charismatic and charming man through a mutual friend. They soon discovered they held similar beliefs and core values. For a year they dated and learned more about each other, work schedules however took priority over their relationship and so inevitably they parted ways. Life however has a way of getting you to your destiny even though it doesn’t always take the most direct path. Years later Ian stood on the balcony of his office in the sharp August air around 10pm at night. That day he had achieved the rezoning and development plan approval for a project he had been pouring his heart and soul into for 8 years. In that moment as he looked out at the star filled night sky the first person he thought of to share his success with was Bambie. Memories flooded back to him of times when she would tell him that she believed in him with great sincerity and conviction, following with two little words softly spoken “Quantum Entanglement”. It now dawned upon him, the definition of this physical phenomenon occurs when pairs of particles are generated or interact, not that dissimilar to themselves. Just as the quantum state of each particle cannot then be described independently instead now the system as a whole,  they too were inexplicably bonded.

She had reminded him that one has to believe in themselves and have positive thoughts and attitude towards any problem. He was neither expecting to find her in his heart nor was he prepared for it. Walking through the cold air to his computer he summoned the courage to attempt reconnection with her, so began the long journey to make up for the past and prove to her they had a future. Everyday he would commit to trying to show Bambie how important and special she was to him. Bambie saw the email in the inbox, she thought of how she had found herself attracted to other men who reminded her of Ian, but no other had she connected with on such an intellectual and spiritual level. He was special, much more than just a friend, heart took over head with every stroke of the keyboard as she responded. Once more they would feel the warmth of each others hand. She sat recalling the cool summer evening they strolled back from the quaint little thai restaurant in South Melbourne at the start of their relationship. She had wondered if he would initiate holding her hand, then thought what would she do if he did? After telling him at dinner she didn’t think they would work out and him not accepting it to be true, they had taken on the challenge before, she felt the very same feeling all over again, slightly nervous but definitely excited.  ….. maybe they were worth the wait.

Another winter had passed together again when they found themselves back at that little thai restaurant on Bambie’s birthday. In his pocket he held a yellow and blue card, they were the last two cards of four that explained in a silly poem how he felt about her in several parts. Earlier that day she had discovered a red card laid on their coffee table that read For a special girl, on a special day, I write these words, Because I want to say, First of all, Happy Birthday! Just before dinner he had presented her a green card with the second part that read Bambie Love, What you mean for me, Everything ! More than the eye can see, A smile, a laugh, a hug so warm, A love so strong, It weathers any storm. Bambie loved his grand gesture, her curiosity was also well and truly piqued by what he might be up to. Just as he had 2 years ago, he had let her sit on the comfy chair in the cramped corner, now opposite her his face was an open book to how very distracted he was. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a yellow card that said heartfully A better man, You made of me, Bambie Lee, You inspire me, Happiness and Love, It’s my gift, To Bambie Lee, My princess and signed off Ian. She smiled, noticing that the last part of the poem did not rhyme the jig was up, it crossed her mind there may be one more. Cheekily she asked “Do you have something else for me? C’mon”

Two years ago in the very same spot he had looked her in the eyes and promised that he would never give up on her, now he would prove his dedication and ask her to marry him. Now a simple wooden box containing an engagement ring and a blue card would help him win over the love of his life. For a special girl, on a special day, a card of blue, for me to say, I love you with all my heart, never do I want to be apart,  so with all I am, and all I’ll be, I give to you, all of me, Bambie Lee, Wo Ai Ni ( I LOVE YOU in Chinese) Will you please…..Marry me? Thrilled she said “Yes!” This time there was no doubt, he was the one. Planning began soon after as they carefully considered what they would like their wedding to be like. Bambie working as a doctor in Port Fairy four hours away from Ian in the heart of the Melbourne meant that planning was reserved for weekends when he drove to be near her once more. He understood that her compassion and care for others meant some sacrifices in the short term. Not a day passed where he wasn’t so very proud of her kindness, energy, passion and strength of character. Silliness, also a trait he adored, so they settled on a beautifully inclusive and low fuss garden picnic that combined all the things and people they love. The child inside every adult and their guests children would all be catered for with rugs, pillows, games, brightly coloured candy sweets, ice cream delights, malay treats, bubbly beverages and even a ball and sand pit. Their wish was for a day all would remember and look back upon warmly. They hoped those close to them would know how much they valued and appreciated their presence in their lives. All had influenced them in their own unique way and shaped who they were.

Hot weather kept most of Melbourne inside or at the beach in the days leading up to the 12th of March 2016. Both woke in their light filled apartment on the 23rd floor just a block from Flagstaff Gardens, it was not sunshine they saw gazing out the floor to ceiling glass windows. Clouds covered the entire sky overnight with a blanket of relief causing the temperature to drop to a comfortable low twenties. Just hours away now they would stand before all and profess their love. Calmly they prepared while spending time with family who had made the trip from near and far. Clocks chimed two as a horse drawn carriage led Bambie to her petal covered aisle with Ian proudly waiting. In this moment she truly saw him, a man with genuine inner strength, confidence and ambition. For her he possessed an ever present caring heart despite seeming guarded to others. During the ceremony a sea of faces smiled as their story was told once more with honesty and warmth. Rings were dropped amongst the blades of green grass providing a comedic twist, and found with enthusiasm. Surprise unfolded for Ian and the crowd as Bambie broke into song with the playful lyrics of “Lucky” sung by Jason Mraz featuring Colbie Caillat and “I’m Yours” sung by Jason Mraz. Lost in her eyes and grinning from ear to ear he watched her knowing when she sings she is utterly happy. They were in indeed so very lucky. Although the sun stayed hidden all day the looming clouds did not shed a single tear as bare foot guests delighted in celebrating two people coming together officially for life. They know unequivocally their future is so incredibly bright as they continue together creating a life they love. Holding hands they will have adventures around the globe from developing huge sky scrapers to the pitter patter of tiny feet, home would be wherever they were together. With each sunrise they will stay mindful of how blessed they are to have a love that deepens with every passing hour, something they once thought impossible. They are truly each others inspiration, now and always.

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Ceremony Venue + Reception :
Her Shoes:
Make Up + Hair:
Flowers + Decorations
Catering By:
The Rolling Scoops – http://therollingscoops.com.au Ice cream
Fat Baba – http://www.fatbaba.com.au Malaysia Shaved Ice
Baba’s wife –http://babaswife.blogspot.com.au Malaysian kuih (dessert)
Pegasus Apart Hotel’s restaurant – http://www.pegasussuites.com.au/pegasus-restaurant/ Bar and canapes
Bambie + Ian both got ready at:
Pegasus Apart Hotel http://www.pegasussuites.com.au
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