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The Story of Ben & Jaimie

It’s July 2010. Across the room at the local pub is where Ben first laid eyes on Jaimie. He was sitting in his usual spot after a day of cricket when her blonde locks caught his eye. It wasn’t long before he plucked up the courage to move in closer and get to know her better. She had chatted to his best mate and after spotting him thought ‘nice guy and a bit cute to boot’. The flirting continued back and forth for a few months. Weekends at the pub often ended with Anne; Jaimie’s friend, volunteering to be designated driver. Jaimie would take any opportunity to sit next to him or even better in his lap on the ride home; eventually their friendship grew into a romance.

Their number plates aren’t they only thing similar they share, both are the quieter type. Ben; a country boy through and through grew up on the wide agricultural plains of Hay in the Riverina region of New South Wales. Jaimie, a city girl spent most of her years in Perth’s port town Freemantle before following her big sister Kristy across Australia to settle in the charming sleepy little town of Euroa in north east Victoria. By the lake at Nagambie on a Sunday night, they spent their first date night enjoying a meal for two.

Two years later Ben being a no fuss kind of boy was contemplating the incredibly practical gift of a vacuum for her birthday. She was thinking more along the lines of using the one at his place. After all if she had her way they would be cohabitating soon enough. As you can imagine the talk happened about where their relationship was headed. After all her ‘New’ playlist in iTunes just may have indeed  been all the songs she imagined played on their wedding day. He knew one day he wanted to ask his kind, loyal and incredibly loving Jaimie to be his wife so agreed she should pack up her things and move onto his property just out of town.

Spending days & nights together since neither has looked back. Jaimie would soon learn that her Ben was chivalrous, fiercely loyal & willing to help anyone out who was in a bind. He would appreciate her bringing him soup when he was sick and making sure all the boys at cricket had some afternoon tea. His old fashioned values are endearing and a large part of who he is. Christmas Eve last year was when his old fashioned ways met with quite a twist. It was to be the night he proposed.

Romantic dinner for two planned: CHECK

Getting ready in a nice hotel room for the night in town: CHECK

Get down on one knee: CHECK

Vow to love her forever: CHECK

Do it all in your birthday suit …. aaahhh … CHECK!

“ Really in the nude! Really Ben” he looks up at her and explains “I really didn’t want to carry it around all night Jaimie” She of course says “yes”. Both overwhelmed and with clothes on they share the news with family and friends between courses at dinner. Now they all look forward to spending that one splendid day celebrating one of life’s adventures, their marriage. The playlist has now been renamed Wedding and with only 128 days to go and counting the fun it just beginning. Stay tuned to see how the story ends.. Or should we say begins 🙂

Couples Portrait Photography for a creative community.


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